STRAMINEUS HOMOL. Latin. A man of straw, one of no substance, put forward as bail or surety.( Black's Law Dictionary – 1st Edition).

As such a human is a man of straw - one of no substance. Just like any other legal entity. A man of straw does not exist in reality (it is of form) and as such will need to be represented in the legal world to make an appearance. 

The legal system itself is of “form”, "what is legal is of form, what is lawful is of substance..." . So it also needs to be represented. Look for the ones in uni-form.

Webster's 1913
1. To present again or anew; to present by means of something standing in the place of; to exhibit the counterpart or image of;
3. To portray by mimicry or action of any kind; to act the part or character of; to personate; as, to represent Hamlet.
4. To stand in the place of; to supply the place, perform the duties, exercise the rights, or receive the share, of; to speak and act with authority in behalf of; to act the part of (another); as, an 
5. To exhibit to another mind in language; to show; to give one's own impressions and judgement of; to bring before the mind; to set forth; sometimes, to give an account of; to describe.
7. To bring a sensation of into the mind or sensorium; to cause to be known, felt, or apprehended; to present.
8. (Metaph.) To form or image again in consciousness, as an object of cognition or apprehension (something which was originally apprehended by direct presentation). See Presentative,3. 

...This representative Faculty is Imagination or Phantasy. (Sir. W. Hamilton).

represent. To state as a fact. To act for. To stand in the place of. (From Ballentine's Legal Dictionary 3rd Edition).
You may “act for” a legal entity or “stand in the place of” a legal entity. Thus you can act or stand in the place of a human being.

Are there any entities “represented” in the bible?
'REPRESENT' in the Bible
... No direct matches for your keyword exist in the King James Bible.

'REPRESENTED' in the Bible

... No direct matches for your keyword exist in the King James Bible.

Even Satan presented himself ...
Job 2:1 Again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them to present himself before the LORD.

Every day men go to court and represent their state issued legal fictions (persons), or have lawyers represent them. They are then liable for the judgment laid upon the legal fiction... all by consent. By playing the persona  in man's game of temporal law one becomes the surety for the legal entity.

To sign is to mark. To ratify by hand or seal the mark of the beast - the FULLY NAMED false image of man. Thereby representing and accepting responsibility for the legal entity.
To Sign.
To mark.
To ratify by hand or seal.
To betoken; to signify; to represent typically.
(Samuel Johnson's Dictionary 1755).


Proverbs 11:15 He that is surety for a stranger shall smart for it: and he that hateth suretiship is sure.

Revelation 18:4  And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.