"There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot". President John F. Kennedy seven days before his assassination.

Registration of Birth
Shortly after ones physical entrance through the womb, a Legal Agent placed a paper form in front of the mother and told her she was obligated to fill it out and return it. The mother complied (believing she was a legal entity and subject to legislation). She filled out a paper form called a Registration of Birth (or Statement of Birth).

According to the government's Registration of Birth form, the mother is identified as the “informant”. Namely, one in the state of “in-forming” or creating a “form of man” in the legal realm. The child will now be presumed to exist in the realm of appearances rather than substance/essence (truth). So, the parents are forming a new human legal entity by filling out the Registration of birth “form”. A concept(ion) without substance or essence. A new legal entity cannot be created unless this form is completed and submitted. 

Certificate of Birth
After filling out an application for a Birth Certificate, then receiving a Birth Certificate, the mother is now entitled to benefits from within the legal system for pledging the child to the sovereign (law maker). The sovereign now holds legal title and the security interest to the baby's body (via registration of birth form). The mother holds equitable title to the baby (via certificate of birth). An equitable title is a beneficial title. The baby now operates with the name on the birth certificate to receive benefits. A health card may now be obtained etc. The baby is now considered an acting legal entity - a human in the legal system. By definition, the legal system itself is “ of form”. It has the appearance of law rather than the substance/essence of law. Whoever or whatever “formed” the legal system has just gained a human subject.

Almost everyone's birth estate has been registered into a sovereign's register. Surrendering a legal title for an equitable title (beneficiary title) to the estate. All for protection and care. A protection racket. 

Result of Legal Birth and Registration
From Ballentine's Legal Dictionary 3rd Edition.
Birth. Delivery from the womb; a beginning as a birth of a nation.
Delivery. A handing over; the surrender of possession to another; a release from imprisonment.
As used in a statute of fraudulent conveyances the word implies the surrender of control of the property by the vendor and the assumption of possession by the vendee, and mere words will not constitute such a delivery.
For some purposes, a delivery is accomplished by no more than making something available to another, placing it within his reach, notwithstanding there is no actual handing of the thing from one person to another.
surrender. Yielding possession. A yielding up of an estate for life or years, to him who has the immediate estate in reversion or remainder, wherein the estate for life or years may drown by the mutual agreement. Schieffelin v Carpenter (NY) 15 Wend 400, 405.

ABANDON. To relinquish, surrender, disclaim, desert, forsake, give up wholly.A statute may require that this intention be proven by a declaration duly executed and recorded.

Registration of Birth De-constructed.
Black's Law 4th
Registration. Recording; inserting in an official register
Recorder. An officer appointed to make record or enrolment of deeds...
Deed. The term is also used as synonymous with "fact", "actuality, or "act of parties".
Registration of Birth = Recording of a deed (act). The deed being recorded in the register is an "act of birth" = "act of abandonment" on behalf of the mother. 

An estate is a “form” of birthright in legal-land. A human body is part of that  estate (in legal-land). The bodily estate is surrendered to the realm, to the commonwealth.

The mother, acting as “informant” has claimed the baby is of “form” (a human), a spiritless  (legal) entity residing (re-side-ing) in the secular legal system.... she then concedes dominion over this spiritless “property” to the state – she abandons the child without actually handing the child over.

Ecclesiastes 3:18  I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts.

When one claims to be human, one also claims to be dead (spiritually dead), with no inheritable rights, and property of the nation.

Addenum - Serfdom

The Statement of Birth is a legal instrument known as a matrix.
MATRIX. In civil law, the protocol or first draft of a legal instrument, from which all copies must be taken. Downing v. Diaz, 80 Tex. 436, 16 S.W. 53.
MATRIX. Womb. A place where anything is generated or formed(Samuel Johnson's Dictionary 1755)
The mother is responsible for a bodily conception in reality (truth) AND a legal conception in appearance/fiction (deception). Her conception has been multiplied by two.

Genesis 3:16 Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception...

The relation of citizen and sovereign is created by birth (abandonment).
The case in which the forgoing was said involved a status created by a voluntary act. But it is equally applicable to the relation of a citizen and sovereign which is created by birth , like that of a parent and child, in which latter case, if recollection serves me correctly, certain involuntary servitude in the way of wood piles and water pails is occationally imposed. (Law Notes, 1917 pg. 2).
A new human citizen surfaces (by birth) into the system of the sovereign. This relationship involves involuntary servitude, just as that of parent and child.

Being human signifies, for each one of us, belonging to a class, a society, a country, a continent and a civilization. ( Clause Levi-Strauss).

If one “belongs to” a country, one is property of a country. 
The perfection of the security interest in such “property” is accomplished by national registration (Registration of Birth) or certificate of title (Birth Certificate).

From Barrons Dictionary of Banking
Certificate. Paper establishing an ownership claim.

Misc Notes

UCC 9-302.
The filing of a financing statement otherwise required is not necessary or effective to perfect a security interest in property subject to (1) A statute or treaty of the United States which provides for a national or international registration or a national or international certificate of title or which provides a place for filing different from that specified. 

sovereign power. The power to make and enforce laws. "By the sovereign power is meant the making of laws; for wherever that power resides, all others must conform to, and be directed by it, whatever appearance the outward form and administration of the government may put on

cestui que trust. The beneficiary of a trust; the person for whose benefit property is held in trust by a trustee. See 54 Am J1st
Trusts § 136.
as previously noted, a legal estate is granted to the trustee (Gov't) in return for an equitable estate (beneficial title).